freelance copywriter


They never go out of fashion. Websites might give your customers all the information they need at that particular moment, but they still appreciate something solid in their hands, something they can refer back to, offline. Aspirational or factual, whatever your market requirements, I can help you reach out to your readers with the right tone of voice that will “talk” them into believing in your brand and your message.



This is where my training as a journalist really comes into its own. Everyone has a newsletter but how many are relevant enough to get the readers hooked? How many are even opened and read before landing unceremoniously in the trash? Short, to the point, newsy, punchy - the aim is to grab the reader’s attention and, crucially, convert that into action. 

Press Releases

In my years as a journalist I saw literally thousands of press releases and it never failed to amaze me how the news item was always hidden away underneath layers of empty words. How many press releases are dismissed as “boring rubbish” because they fail to declare their newsworthiness? Don’t let your press releases suffer that fate. A press release is a free ticket to column inches, a powerful and economical way to get media coverage. 

Emails & Marketing Letters

In this world of overflowing inboxes, it is hard to stand out. The right subject line, the right header, the right words are what stand between you securing a face-to-face meeting and the delete button. 

Social Media

We’re all at it now. It’s so much part of our life that it’s hard to remember a time without it. Your communications strategy should always include social media but not all platforms suit everyone. I can help you choose the right platform for your business, write and manage a campaign on a daily/regular basis as well as provide you with analytics to measure its success.




What can I do for you today?

Website Copywriting

Everyone’s got one (including me now). You simply don’t exist if you don’t have a website. It’s your first contact with potential clients, your primary, ongoing connection with your audience. It needs to be engaging and fresh, constantly up to date, striking a perfect balance between text and design. I have worked with several talented web designers to create a number of websites including Belle Image and the Malta Tourism Authority’s M.I.C.E. dedicated portal.


Adverts and Promotions

Got a special offer? You need some special words to communicate it. Memorable, catchy and straight to the point, it’s got to deliver the goods. It’s the holy grail of copywriting but you don’t need any mad men for the job, just a talented word weaver who understands your brand and can work with a designer to interpret your message in just the right way.  


Eats shoots and leaves. Or does it? I’m a stickler for correct punctuation and grammar. Nothing annoys me more than an apostrophe used incorrectly. It is not enough to choose the right message, it also needs to be conveyed properly and that includes orthographic precision. It always helps to get a fresh pair of eyes go over copy with the proverbial fine tooth comb or, better still, a red pen.